Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Digital Imaging

I learned that when you take pictures it is better to take a picture with a tripod holding the camera so you can get a better picture and it wont be so blurry.

My Inspiration

My inspiration is my little cousin Justin. he is 5 months old and he is my world. I love him to death and i love when i get to go to Omaha to see him and my other family.

What im interested in

I like to play sports with family and friends, and i like to collect coins, i like to exercise a lot cause i want to be in shape, i also like to go visit my family and friends.


I learned that you can sing over sounds you have already made and it will still play the other sounds while you sing.

Movie Editing

I learned dat you can make a movie setting wit all da stuff from just one of da settings. You just have to move stuff around and make it look different.